friendship distance
Okay so my friend&I were close when she began crushing on the senior star football player. Over time she became obsessed w/ him&his friends to the point she would make up fictional stories on how she would talk to them&how they would look at her all the time to the point that every1 was sick of her. I decided to tell the boys about it and make it where she would find out&would hopefully stop but it turned into a much bigger thing ;I apologized on May but she still hates me. What do I do?

oh man im sorry , this one is kinda hard but if you still got her phone number try texting her since she doesnt want to be bother and tell her that she was becoming a big problem and you were trying to help her out , she needs to understand that the way she was acting was getting really serious and your sorry for letting it happen the way it did

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Brian Yen

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So my girls friend and I have had sex, she's really tight, and I can barley get it in. It's almost Painful. And I mmake sure see is soaking wet. And suggestions ?


just keep working on it and try to have sex as often as possible so she loosens up. try fingering her first and loosening her up that way. and just be patient, take your time. you might get frustrated but you’ll get there. a baby is meant to come out of there, it’ll stretch to fit you eventually.

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